Eco Friendly Leopard Print and Black Reversible Bikini Fixed Triangle Top and Tie Side Bottom

Adventure ready holiday pack hacks

Travel is finally back on the cards & people are looking forward to spreading their wings and chasing the sunshine. Learn from my mistake with this important packing tip to make sure you are adventure ready without delay!

Many years ago I was so stoked for a mid winter Bali adventure,
packed the essentials - a good selection of bikinis -
and was ready to rock and roll..
or so I thought. 

The 1st thing on the agenda after checking in was hitting the hotel pool. I threw on bikinis... to discover that the months they had spent in a draw post summer was the last of their life :( They were saggy beyond wear! So I grabbed another pair, and another... and they were all the same!
So with a heavy heart the sunshine had to wait, swimwear shopping was essentially the 1st order of the day. 

So the wisdom I want to share - check your bikinis!
And with time to spare for a cheeky swimwear shop before the holiday packing begins if necessary!

Australian designed eco friendly mix and match bikinis and sustainable swimwear made from recycled plastic

Yindi and Salt sustainable swimwear is made from luxury Italian nylon made from recycled plastic. With over 2.5 years of wear and tear since 1st production they are standing the test of time, no sagging in sight! 

The reversible mix n match bikinis are great for light packing without limiting a little variety. 

The Shell sustainable surf suit is perfect for mid day surf or snorkel sun protection. 

The eco friendly one pieces are perfect paired with shorts to take you from the beach to the bar. 

Add a Yindi & Salt cropped tee to throw over your bikini and you are all sorted. 

Happy holidays! 
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