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  • Adventure ready holiday pack hacks

    Travel is finally back on the cards & people are looking forward to spreading their wings and chasing the sunshine. Learn from my mistake with...
  • Sustainable Packaging!

    It wouldn't be sustainable swimwear if we couldn't get it to you without eco friendly packaging. All the packaging, from the bag, to the tape, to...
  • Partners in Crime : Paradise Print

    The new kid on the block, Paradise Print, was designed to slot perfectly into the range.Being the first string triangle bikini in the range it's mi...
  • Our Planet Week

    When I friend told me about the social media event #ourplanetweek I was instantly intrigued, so I headed over to the instagram account @ourplanetwe...
  • Best Beaches near Esperance, WA

    After spending most of last year in lockdown in Victoria before moving back to WA I was feeling the need to reconnect of mother nature big time, an...
  • No thank you card from us!

    When you get that buzz from opening a new online shopping order from Yindi & Salt you won't also be greeted by a thoughtful little thank you ca...
  • Partners in Crime : Terracotta Tropical

    Earthy tones and lush leaves with green details means it's a great match for green or black bikini bottoms. Flip to the fresh white side and you've opened up to endless possibilities, my personal favourite being the Spectrum Stripe. 
  • Partners in Crime : Midday Jungle Print

    This ultimate surf crop bikini top partners perfecting with green or black, the Eve cheeky bottoms being my favourite match. A basic black on the reverse means the mix and match options are endless. 
  • Partners in Crime : Leopard Print

    this guy is still a winner for the eco friendly minimal wardrobe or suitcase because the reverse side is black.  
    Match it up for some leopard love, mix it with black or flip it and reverse it for endless options. 
  • Partners in Crime : Spectrum Stripe

    Don't you love it when you find that one item that goes with lots of things? That's this guy!
  • Partners in Crime : Pretty in Pink Print

    Hello mix and match options! Let's give a moments focus to the 2nd print to come from conception to life Pretty in Pink. So what perfect partners does this pretty little pink guy have? Wear it with it's match or flip it over to mix it with the wine side. It's perfectly interchangeable with the Spectrum Stripe/wine pieces, or embrace the dark side with a good old basic black. 

  • Partners in Crime: Midnight Jungle Print

    Let's give a moments focus to the first print to come from conception to life Midnight Jungle. Lush green foliage and beautiful lily flowers makes this my personal favourite. So what combo's can be made from this fun little exotic guy? The midnight jungle print can be worn with its matching set or works beautifully with green, black or white. Flip it over to the green side to expand it to match the Spectrum Stripe and Terracotta tropical.