Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day!

Australian sustainable swimwear worn while swimming with a turtle


With the oceans covering over 70% of the Earth's surface their health directly influences the health of us all. Here at Yindi & Salt we encourage our tribe to join us to collectively look after the oceans and the health of their ecosystem.
Here is a practical guide to help us all protect our oceans.

Keep it Reef Safe 
Choose products that are reef safe, gentle on marine life and the oceans ecosystem, it all ends up there eventually. This includes things like sunscreen, beauty products, hair care, and cleaning products. 

Avoid Single Use Plastic
Where possible ditch the plastic for biodegradable or reusable options. Heaps of options have popped up, from reusable metal straws, keep cups, to plant starch plastic-like alternatives for things like shopping bags, and cling wrap.

Take 3 For The Sea
Whenever you leave the beach collect 3 pieces of litter. A small individual action that has a large collective impact. 

Limit Micro-plastics 
Microplastics are pieces of plastic under 5mm & can be found in our waterways, food, and air. You can help to limit their impact by choosing natural fibre clothing, or adjusting your laundry practices in ways like washing less often, with less water, and using a guppy friend washing bag. And again, where possible avoid plastic.   

Eco-friendly reef safe products

Our Ocean Eco-Friendly Practices
To protect what we love and limit our impact, Yindi & Salt sustainable swimwear is made from recycled plastic materials, and eco-friendly printing. We're slow fashion, doing small  production runs to limit wastage. All packaging is plastic free. The range of reversible bikinis, one piece swimsuits and surf suits are designed for the sun, surf, and women with an adventurous soul. 

Learn more about sustainable swimwear & the benefits of our eco-friendly fabric here

Eco-friendly sustainable swimwear on the beach

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