Best Beaches near Esperance, WA

Best Beaches near Esperance, WA

After spending most of last year in lockdown in Victoria before moving back to WA I was feeling the need to reconnect of mother nature big time, and a trip down near Esperance, along the south coast, was the perfect antidote! So if you haven't already, add this destination to your bucket list beach babes. It was way too epic not to share the love. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in the area (that don't require a 4WD to access), some of which are the best I have ever seen. Yep, big call, but rightfully deserved. 


Cape Le Grand National Park 
(Entry fee of $15 per vehicle and worth every penny) 
Our 1st stop was Lucky Bay, on a cool and overcast day. The lack of sunshine did nothing to dull the sparkle of this little treasure with the brightest turquoise water. The nearby Hellfire bay and Thistle cove were just as impressive but not as busy. 

            sustainable swimwear at Lucky bay, Thistle cove and Hellfire Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park


Duke of Orleans Bay
A little further on past Esperance we decided that this would be our furthest point before starting to head back west. Mother Nature really delivered the goods here! There was a mumma and baby having a whale of a time frolicking in the bay for days. We snorkeled with a friendly pod of dolphins and their seal mate. Walked across the knee deep water to climb a rock island to get an amazing view of the area. Found a collection of pretty purple starfish. Limited reception and maximum nature was a match made in heaven. 

            Eco Friendly reversible bikinis at Duke of Orleans Bay whale watching and view over the bay


Wharton Beach 
Believe me when I say that the photos do not do this beach justice. It's the sort of place that takes your breath away when you round a curve and get the 1st glimpse of the water. It is blessed with the whitest sand and clearest water I have ever seen. The sparkle of the clear water was actually a little bit distracting in the surf as it delivered a nice clean left point beach break haha.

            Sustainable Surf suit and eco friendly bikini at Wharton Beach, Esperance Western Australia


Blue Haven, Twilight Bay, Eleven Mile Lagoon  

These little beauties are all just on the west side of Esperance. The epic turquoise water continued from one beach to the next. Unfortunately our beach day got cut short by some rain but we managed to check out these gems first, starting with a great morning walk at Eleven Mile Lagoon, and a solid bake session at Blue Haven. 

Floral Pink and wine eco friendly reversible bikini at Blue Haven beach in Esperance Western Australia 

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