Our Sustainable Swimwear Printing Process

Our Sustainable Swimwear Printing Process

Full range of Australian sustainable swimwear made from eco-friendly recycled plastic 

The colour palette of the original range was specially designed with custom prints to maximise mix and match options.
Add reversible bikini pieces to that combo and hello options!

Fun fact... there are over 60 mix and match combos in the entire initial range!! It's a tough decision for me each day I put a bikini on! 

Custom designs means custom printing.
So what does our printing process look like? Eco friendly! 
Here's how... 

The printing process used is sublimation (digital printing) 

1. Uses OEKO-TEX ink which is free of harmful chemicals 

2. Waterless printing means no water waste, no drainage, no water pollution

3. It's energy efficient

4. Small minimum amounts are allowed, so it works with the slow fashion ethos

So when you are a wearing Yindi & Salt sustainable swimwear in the sun or the surf you can know that it has been created with the health on the planet in mind. 

Find out more about sustainable swimwear & the benefits of our eco-friendly fabrics here 

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