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No thank you card from us!

When you get that buzz from opening a new online shopping order from Yindi & Salt you won't also be greeted by a thoughtful little thank you card. It's not because we are not thankful, we are deeply grateful and super stoked every time an order notification comes through. We love the Yindi & Salt tribe growing one customer as a time, a community of like minded salty sista's connected by swimwear shopping. So while we sincerely thank you, we feel that doing it via email is sufficient to save any environmental resources being used for such a small lifespan, that quickly ends in the bin. Our swing tags are made from recycled card, attached with natural fibre twine, with hand written sizes to minimize production amounts. 

Products are posted in real dirt bags!
These bags are plant based, made from corn, and are totally compostable! The tape also is. Just add them to food scraps and garden waste. Better for the environment, better for the oceans, for a better tomorrow.

Sustainable Australian Swimwear Made of Econyl