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Our Planet Week

When I friend told me about the social media event #ourplanetweek I was instantly intrigued, so I headed over to the instagram account @ourplanetweek to get the lowdown. Founded by Asia Orlando in 2020 after a series of devastating events including the fires in the Amazon and Australia, the illustration challenge was born. The concept of the illustration challenge is to use art and inspiration to create environmental awareness and start a movement to reach more people and drive more change. Art is a powerful medium and with the correct message we can help not only to spread love but also create a like minded community with a common goal, create conversations about our current climate situation and our home planet. By doing a little so can achieve so much, and by coming together we can inspire change. Following some prompts artists could create an illustration with their interpretation, tag #ourplanetweek and @onetreeplanted, who joined to movement to plant a tree for each submission. I was a little late to the party (better late than never!) so missed 2 out of the 5 prompts, but was excited to get involved with a movement to spread environmental awareness, inspiration and plant trees! So here are the beautiful illustrations that my graphic designer helped bring to life. 

Surfer girl riding a wave wearing an eco friendly reversible surf bikini  crop top and cheeky bikini bottom with stripes
(still taken from the animated illustration) 
We are energy. We are one. We are all connected. Energy is the life force that connects everything our Earth. The energy in our cells, the energy in the ocean, the wind, the earth that grows food to sustain us. It moves through us and all around us. Appreciate and protect the energy that you are, and are surrounded by for a healthier and happier future. 

Girl in an eco friendly pink floral reversible fixed triangle bikini top and classic cut bikini bottom surrounded by flamingos
Biodiversity, the variety of all life on earth, is essential to sustaining life, love, health, wealth, food, fuel and all vital elements that our lives depend on. From flamingos to flowers, whales to watermelons, seaweed to soybeans, and pineapples to puppies, in balance with nature we thrive. 

Girl in eco friendly reversible black and leopard print surf bikini fixed triangle top and tie side bikini bottom climbing a palm tree
Reduce, reuse, recycled and reinvent... Did you know our swimwear are made out of recycled ocean plastic? Because plastic doesn't grow on trees, and protection of this planet is the responsibility of every one of us.