white and terracotta reversible surf crop top bikini made from recycled plastic

Mix & Match Your Reversible Yindi & Salt Bikini : White/Terracotta Tropical

This guy was the last to join the party, wasn't going to make it into the range at first, and its current form was actually a mistake by the manufacturer haha 

Just when we thought print development for the range was all sorted, Terracotta Tropical was a fun little play around that held instant appeal. So space was found for it within the crop top bikini range.  

Terracotta tropical/white reversible and sustainable surf crop bikini top

Earthy tones and lush leaves with green details means it's a great match for green or black bikini bottoms. Flip to the fresh white side of the reversible bikini and you've opened up to endless possibilities, my personal favourite being the Spectrum Stripe. 

 Terracotta Tropical/white  reversible sustainable surf crop bikini top

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