Australian sustainable swimwear pink floral print and wine reversible bikini made from recycled plastic

Mix & Match Your Reversible Yindi & Salt Bikini : Wine/Pretty in Pink Print

A universal colour pallet and reversible bikini pieces...
Hello mix and match options!

Whether you want to mix up your shapes... fixed triangle or crop top bikinis?
Or match up your colours... pink, or multi stripe? 
There is a combo here for you!
Eco Friendly, minimal wardrobe friendly, suitcase friendly for that sunny little getaway. 

pretty in pink fixed triangle reversible bikini top made from recycled plastic


Let's give a moments focus to the 2nd print to come from conception to life Pretty in Pink.

I decided to run with the lily theme for a 2nd floral print, with Water Lilies. A water baby of the flower world, so cool! These pretty little light pink guys work nicely with the deeper wine colour so with the reverse sides they offer a light and a darker option. I've also discovered that this colour combo works well on a larger range of skin tones than I would have originally thought.

So what perfect partners does this pretty little pink guy have? 

Wear it with it's match or flip it over the reversible bikini to mix it with the wine side. It's perfectly interchangeable with the Spectrum Stripe/wine pieces, or embrace the dark side with a good old basic black. 

pretty in pink and wine reversible, mix and match eco friendly bikinis

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Australian Sustainable Swimwear Made From Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic

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